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The following is a brief chronology of events of the concept approval, design and development of the Howard Dean Education Center in Springfield, VT:

Winter of 1995 - 1996. VT Department of Education commissions study and Springfield’s Technical Center is determined in greatest need of improvements.

Summer of 1996. A joint committee of the Vermont legislature (chaired by Richard McCormack) studies the existing Technical Education system and determines that Springfield is in need of major renovations, and recommends the Vermont legislature should support the building project in Springfield.

Spring of 1997. The Vermont Legislature allocates $100,000 to begin the initial design and development of the Technical Center at Springfield project.

January of 1998. Leaders in Education, Business and Industry, and legislative representatives meet with Governor Dean to gain support of a fully integrated education and training system.

Fall of 1998. Governor Dean publicly supports the building concept proposed delivery model, and fully integrated system at $9,900,000 that includes the Center, Vermont State Colleges, University of Vermont, Vermont Interactive Television, School To Work and other partners.

Spring of 1999. The House supports the 9.9 million dollar project. While in the Senate Institutions Committee, additions to the project (that include emergency management, wood chip fuel system, support of Public Access Television) are made with no additional resources. The project is assigned to the Vermont State Department Building and General

Fall of 1999. Project estimates are presented to the Governor's Office and the Vermont Department of Education. An additional $3.5 million is supported by the Department of Education. Three million dollars are supported in the Governor’s budget. Senator Jeffords supports 1 million dollar Department of Labor consortium building grant to develop a seamless partnership between co-location partners.

July of 2000. Ground breaking of the River Valley Education Center. Senator Jeffords supports 1.85 million dollar Department of Labor grant to develop and deliver programs intended to meet the needs of the Regional Workforce Investments Board's strategic plan.

September of 2001. River Valley Technical Center programs begin in the new River Valley Education Center.

October of 2001. The River Valley Education Center Board of Directors unanimously supports renaming the Center, THE HOWARD DEAN EDUCATION CENTER.

November of 2001. CCV, VIT and UVM move to The Dean Center.

January 14, 2002. The HOWARD DEAN EDUCATION CENTER is dedicated.

February, 2003. First year anniversary of the Howard Dean Education Center celebrating workforce education and training.

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